ALeptinotarsa decemlineata Diabrotica undecimpunctata Alticini spp. Hellula undalis Byturus tomentosus Crioceris asparagi Productive against many insect ordersDerris Cube TubaSabadillaSabadilla officinarumRed Dog All-natural Guard Sabadilla 30c Ryanodine Natur Gro R-50 Natur Gro Triple Plus Ryanicide Ryan 50 Golden leaf tobacco spray Limonene Bardac 22 Bugx-30 Deet Ben S Natrapel Sting Relief Neem oil 70 Nimbio-Sys Aza-Direct AzaGuard Azatin Azatrol Azera Aztec TriAct Molt-X Neemix Ornazin CaptivaRyaniaSalicaceae loved ones plantsEffective against many insect orders Efficient against several insect orders, in particular beetles Successful against lots of insect orders Successful against quite a few insect ordersNicotine d-Limonene LinaloolNicotiana tabacum Citrus fruits Flowers of various plant familiesNeemAzadirachta indicaEffective against quite a few insect ordersCapsicum oleoresin extract + Garlic oil Rosemary oil + peppermint oil + geraniolCapsicum spp. Allium sativum Quite a few plants of distinctive plant familiesEffective against numerous insect Orders Homoptera, Hemiptera, Lepidoptera, Arachnids: aphids, beetles, plant bugs, whiteflies, mites, thrips and caterpillars Earworm root worms and fall armyworm Diptera, Homoptera, Hemiptera: leafminers, thrips and whitefliesEcotrol PlusSoybean oil Chenopodium ambrosioides extractGlycine max Chenopodium ambrosioidesGolden Pest Spray OilRequiemInsects 2021, 12,14 ofTable five. Cont. Active Substance Trans anethole + HSP supplier Thymol Thymol + citronellal Terpineol + citronellal Leaf extract Linalool + 1,8-cineole linalool + terpineol or thymol 1,8-cineole + terpineol or thymol Peniocerol + macdougallin Methanol extract Coumarins, monoterpenes + sesquiterpenes Plant Source Various leaf and flower extract oils Melia toosendan Cedrus spp. Lavandula angustifolia Mentha pulegium Eucalyptus spp. Citronella spp. Myrtillocactus geometrizans Fagopyrum esculentum Plant of family Apiaceae Pinus sylvestris Target Pest Spodoptera litura Peridroma saucia Commercial Product Binary mixture oil Mixture oilsChilo partellusBinary mixture oilTenebrio molitor Myzus persicae Acanthoscelides obtectus Tribolium Caspase 2 Formulation castaneum Lipaphis pseudobrassicae Hylotrupes bajulus Powerful against quite a few insect orders, especially Plutella xylostella P. xylostella Trichoplusia niBinary mixture oil Plant extractOilsEssential oils + extracts Leaf extractAgeratum conyzoidesAgeratum extractOriganum vulgareLeaf extractData about commercial goods names, active substances and their origin also as use have been taken from industrial internet sites and/or item labels.Over time, the acceptance of biopesticides by farmers has gradually improved resulting from the damaging side effects of synthetic pesticides. Since the biopesticides are less helpful and biodegradable, they have to become applied extra than once for successful remedy. Having said that, the frequent application of biopesticides, because of high costs, represents obstacles for farmers. six. Unwanted side effects on Non-Target Insects The unwanted effects of plant metabolites on useful insects, specifically honeybees (Apis mellifera) as the most important pollinator of cultivated plants, have remained unidentified for many years [166]. Compounds such as andiroba oil, garlic extract and neem oil applied at higher concentrations show an acute toxicity to honeybee larvae. Larvae fed with the syrup containing these oils showed reduce body mass in emerged young workers. Additionally, it is actually observed that garlic extract, neem oil and rotenone lower the rate of locomotion activities i.