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311.4 g/mol

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MedChemExpress Products > Research Chemicals > Boc-S-benzyl-L-cysteine

Boc-S-benzyl-L-cysteine is a model protein that can be used to study the interactions of heterocycles with organic solvents. It is soluble in organic solvents such as chloroform and acetone, but insoluble in water. The primary amino groups are reactive and susceptible to hydrolysis by acid or base. Boc-S-benzyl-L-cysteine has a diameter of 4.8 nm, which can be observed using electron microscopy. It is also found in human serum at concentrations of 8 μg/mL, which may indicate that it plays an important role in cancer and other diseases. Boc-S-benzyl-L-cysteine is synthesized on a solid support using the constant method, which allows for the preparation of large quantities of material with high purity. This compound has been shown to stabilize intramolecular hydrogen bonds between amide groups in proteins that have been

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25 g


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