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325.36 g/mol

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MedChemExpress Products > Research Chemicals > Fmoc-N-methyl-L-alanine

Fmoc-N-methyl-L-alanine is a marine sponge fatty acid that has been synthesized and studied using molecular modeling. It is chiral, linear and contains no stereoisomers. Fmoc-N-methyl-L-alanine has been shown to have antibacterial activity against the cyanobacterium and ethyl cinnamate in a biomolecular study. The molecular modeling study of this compound also showed that it binds to the active site of chymotrypsin, an enzyme involved in protein digestion. This means that Fmoc-N-methyl-L-alanine may have potential as a drug for treating peptic ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori infection.

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10 mM * 1 mL


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In stock

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